Nicotine is a tobacco constituent that is naturally present in the tobacco plant. When you consume tobacco, nicotine enters the blood stream and activates the part of your brain which produces feelings of relaxation. Once the nicotine levels fall, the feel good effect reduces and triggers the urge for tobacco.



Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is a commonly used method to help people cut down their tobacco consumption by delivering a regulated dosage of nicotine to their body. Kwiknic is a flavoured, nicotine-based chewing gum that works on the same principle and provides your body with a controlled dosage of nicotine and helps you reduce your tobacco urge gradually.



Chewing gums being the most popular form of NRT, Kwiknic is poised to be a reliable and convenient method to control your tobacco intake.
Now, anytime you feel the urge for tobacco, you can pop a Kwiknic instead to curb your habit.
Available in a handy, pocket-sized blister pack, Kwiknic can be carried easily and consumed anytime and anywhere you get the tobacco urge. What's more, the stylish pack includes cut-to-size tissue paper to help you hygienically dispose of the gum.

Although Kwiknic is a chewing gum, it is no ordinary one. Click here to know how to use it, and get the most out of every piece. Kwiknic is very easy to use, however a few precautions are to be kept in mind before you begin using it. Please read here to know more.

Nicotine replacement therapy & smoking patches

Nicotine replacement therapy
smoking patches
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